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Accredited Health Department

Environmental Health Services

Water Quality Testing

The Taney County Health Department has a certified lab tp test drinking water for the presence of coliforms and E-coli. Samples are accepted Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the TCHD Branson location, 320 Rinerhart Road. Test kits are available upon request at the TCHD Branson and Forsyth locations.

Water test fees for Taney County residents are:
$15.00 per test

$40.00 per test (if collected by Taney County Health Department)

$35.00 per test for water samples from sources outside of Taney County ($15 test fee plus $20 out of county fee)

Only water samples collected in bottles prepared by Taney County Health Department will be accepted for analysis.

Samples should be in transit no more than 24 hours for best analytical results. Therefore, it is important for a sample to be delivered as soon as possible after collection.

Complete a separate form for each water sample submitted. Supply all information requested on the form and submit with sample. Click here to access the form.

For more information please contact the Taney County Health Department Environmental Public Health Division at (417) 334-4544 Ext. 247.

Why should drinking water be tested?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules only protect public drinking water systems, not privately owned wells. Most states have rules for private wells, but these rules may not completely protect your private well. As a private well owner, it is up to you to make sure your well water is safe to drink.

Here is what the EPA has to say about coliforms and E.coli.

For additional information on water quality, see: the EPA's information on drinking water.

Food Safety

Taney County is home to more than 650 food establishments.Environmental Health is responsible for ensuring that each establishment operates in accordance with the rules and regulations for the public's safety. Food establishments are inspected and permitted in accordance with the 2009 FDA Food Code.

Click here to view inspection reports for Taney County food establishments.

Food Handler training is offered from 9:00am to12:00pm the second Wednesday of every month in our Branson office. This class or similar approved education is required for every person that handles food for public consumption in Taney County. To pre-register call 417-334-4544 ext. 247. If not pre-registered call 417-334-4544 ext. 247 one day prior to the class to confirm the class is still in session.

We also offer online courses for basic food handling safety. Click here for more information about this course.

Certified Food Manager training courses are not available at the health department. Click here for a list of approved Certified Food Manager & Food Handler instructors.


Lodging facilities include area motels, hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts. These are inspected on an annual basis under state guidelines for health, safety, and sanitation by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. For more information call (573)751-6089

For the complete Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Lodging Manual, which covers Missouri laws for lodging establishments, click here.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Swimming pools and spas are inspected on a routine basis for the City of Branson and the City of Hollister within Taney County. All pools and spas that are open to the public are inspected for water quality, and public health and safety standards. Currently, Taney County Health Department enforces local ordinances inside the City of Branson and the City of Hollister. This includes hotels, motels, public pools and water parks. Health permits are required for all public pool's and spa's within these jurisdictions. For more information and local ordinances call (417) 334-4544 ext. 247.

Child Care Facilities

All licensed and license exempt child care facilities are inspected under state guidelines annually. The environmental portions of the inspection include sanitation, health and safety. Any questions involving day cares may be answered by calling the State Department of Health Child Care Department. For more information call (417) 334-4544 Ext 247.

Tattoo and Massage Therapy

This program involves the inspection and regulation of the sanitation practices of tattoo, body piercing, and massage facilities in the City of Branson and Hollister. TCHD enforces the state and local ordinances concerning these facilities.

Sewer and Septic Systems

The Taney County Health Department does not provide an onsite wastewater program. The Taney County Planning and Zoning Environmental Services provide all onsite wastewater system services for Taney County residents. Services include review of applications, issuance of permits and inspection of construction work pertaining to the installation of new systems or the repair of an existing system. Contact the Taney County Planning and Zoning Environmental Services at 417-546-7238 or click here for more information.

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